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Jensales proudly presents the Operator Manual (owner's manual) for the Continental Engines M6271 Engine. Every new owner of this machine would have been given this manual by Continental Engines and now you can have one too! This 26 page manual is a historically accurate reproduction and contains valuable information such as proper operation and preventative maintenance procedures. In most Operators manuals Continental Engines also included the lubrication points, fluid capacities, tune-up procedures, and minor adjustment information to components like the clutch and brakes. Nearly all of our reproduction manuals are available in hardcopy or as a digital .pdf download! We know what your Continental Engines M6271 means to you. Trust Jensales for the right information the first time.

Format:  Printed Paper or PDF Download (or BOTH) – Choose your Option to the right for desktop (or at the bottom for mobile users)

Pages: 26

Continental Engines M6271 Engine Operators Manual

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Image of Continental Engines M6271 Engine Service Manual

Continental Engines M6271 Engine Service Manual

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Serial Number Reference Guide

Serial Number Reference Guide

Jensales Serial Number Reference Guide Format:  Enhanced Reproduction (Written by Manufacturer)..