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Which Manual do I Need?

Why a Manual Kit?

The best value and the perfect solution to gathering all the information you can on your tractor or equipment. The Jensales Manual Kits include all the manuals written for your specific make and model (even serial number). Your kit will include the Service Manual (or manuals), Parts Manual (or Manuals), Operators Manual. The manual kit is your best value as the kit is discounted from the full retail price of each individual manual. As a bonus, you will also receive a gift of our custom made shop rag, brand specific decal, and our exclusive serial number reference book.The best way to know your tractor! Note: Choosing the download pdf option for manual kits means that you will receive the manuals only and not the bonus gift items.

Why Do You Need A Service (SVC) Manual?

The service manual tells you how to take the tractor apart, how to fix it, and how to put it back together again. It is the manual that the factory furnished the dealer's service department, and was not sent or given to individual retail customers. These are authentic manuals that deal with repairs in the language of a mechanic. Often times they include loads of valuable information as to specifications, torque settings, etc. If you are performing  serious repairs or restoration, you need the shop service manual. It can give you many short cuts and save you much time. 

Why Do You Need An Operator's (OPT) Manual?

The operator's manual (sometimes referred to as the owner's manual) is the manual that came with the tractor when it was new. The manual that was given to the ultimate consumer by the manufacturer. It can be compared to the manual you receive in the glove box of a new car. This manual gives the owner-operator instructions, shift patterns, capacities (anti freeze, crankcase, etc.) and adjustment procedures (brakes, clutch, etc.). This is a very useful and valuable tool in operating your tractor. 

Why Do You Need A Parts (PTS) Manual?

The parts manual has exploded views of all parts on the tractor. With numbered pictures giving you great detail on assembly and disassembly. It also gives you a guide, with numbers, for ordering parts, and makes you seem much more informed when talking to the dealer. Many service manuals, after telling you how to disassemble, in detail, and how to repair, will simply say reassemble". If you have your PTO in the wash tank, in 30 pieces, without notes, you have a problem. The parts manual can help you out with an exploded view of the PTO unit, and you can see immediately how it all goes back together. You need the parts manual! 

If you are still not sure which manual you need, give our friendly sales team a call at 1-800-443-0625!

Download Manuals - PDF

How fast will I get my digital manual?

Download PDF Manuals ae available instantly after completing checkout.  There will be many indicators and links provided to easily get you there, but here is your quick link (you will need to be logged into your account) - https://www.jensales.com/downloads 

How do I access my digital manual?

After completing checkout, click the link on the order confirmation page to access your download -  https://www.jensales.com/downloads 

Where can I use my digital manual?

PC’s, Mobile Devices, Tablets.


Can I print digital manuals?

Yes. At times you may want to print a few pages to take with you. If you plan to print the whole manual, let us do it for you. We offer the printed manual with a sturdy comb binding at 55% off the listed price when purchased with the downloaded manual.


What if I want both digital and physical copies?

You will receive a FREE PDF download when you purchase a reproduction manual (not all manuals on this website are reproduction, but most are).  You will see the Free PDF option on the product page. If you buy a download and would later prefer us to print and ship you a paper manual, we offer the printed manual with a sturdy comb binding at 55% off the listed price. You can expect the hard copy in 1-5 business days.  Free shipping in the United States as a special bonus.


What is your return policy with digital manuals?

All digital download sales are final.