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Printing Systems Manager: Printer, Archivist, Web Content Miner

Now Hiring! Printing Systems Manager: Printer, Archivist, Web Content Miner


The right candidate will thrive in a supportive environment with all the tools necessary to produce technical manuals and printed materials that fulfill the orders of this growing small business. Autonomy and responsibility need to be exciting terms. Liking to work hard during the day and have nights and weekends off would help as well. Opportunities for growth in both responsibilities and pay are at hand, not to mention profit sharing, matching and a generous bonus program that pays out twice a year. 


Printing as much as a million pages a month, making sure it is bound and ready to ship will be the primary daily task. Anything but routine, fulfilling that tasking will require the use of modern applications and tools to produce an essential product from old archives and libraries covering equipment built up to 100 years ago. All our technical manuals are prepped for and made into easily printed pdf archives, so a good working knowledge of Adobe products and the Microsoft Office suite is essential. Keeping the small printing and bindery staff moving in the right direction and tracking the equipment and logistical needs will fill any free time during the production day.


Our company is moving with the times and creating a substantial online and ecommerce presence. This requires content and that will be part of what our new hire will do. Exciting chance to do content mining as they archive and print the manuals that are the backbone of this company.


Full time, MON-FRI, no nights or weekends. No overtime required.



Responsibilities and Duties


Daily routine will include but not be limited to:

  • Receive orders from invoicing and print manuals as needed throughout the day.
  • Ensure bindery and staff are keeping up with the orders.
  • Routine maintenance and support of two commercial printers and other smaller specialized printers. All are Oce and Canon equipment, no offset ink printers.
  • As needed preparing and archiving manuals new to our system or in need of update. Taking vintage hardcopy manuals and making them into high quality digital documents.
  • Working with the order entry, invoicing and shipping staff as a team to keep the order flow moving and properly prioritized.
  • Rigorous quality control oversite on all printing and archiving work.
  • Constant watch for any and all items that would apply well to updating our online content to promote growth of our ecommerce solutions.
  • Oversight of material needs like paper, printer supplies, binding supplies, etc.


Qualifications and skills


The following are essential qualifications and skills:

  • Good work ethic and understanding of personal responsibility
  • Willingness to fully engage in a supportive team environment
  • Flexibility in procedures, process and workflow
  • Fundamental hatred of the phrase “that’s not my job”
  • Good working knowledge of Adobe Acrobat DC (not just reader)
  • Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Good working knowledge of PC environment with server access and multiple backup systems (server, external, cloud)
  • Basic technical aptitude to support routine maintenance of equipment
  • Ability to occasionally lift up to 50lb boxes of paper to load printers
  • Seriously good attention to detail
  • Open and clear communication skills
  • A love for and appreciation of being an essential part of a vibrant small business team, you and what you do will matter every day!




We are a small business that takes compensation very seriously. Your efforts as an employee will be directly reflected in your pay and bonuses. Some highlights are:

  • Strong history of directly relating the prosperity of the business to the employee, if Jensales is doing well the bonuses will reflect that.
  • Bonus program is merit based, no matter your seniority if you are productive and contribute you will see the rewards.
  • Bonus program pays out twice a year, JAN and JUL, and the health of the company is posted publicly every day.
  • 401K program with company matching up to 10%!
  • Profit sharing program that is historically very generous.
  • Vacation/Sick/PTO plans more generous than most small businesses offer
  • Opportunities to learn sales and take calls and handle chat/online sales with 5% commissions paid on all sales.


Describe Company

Jensales is the premier source for technical manuals covering agricultural machinery and heavy equipment. Our library of over 20,000 manuals covers nearly every tractor ever made, with sourcing abilities to find anything we don’t have. This equates to a worldwide market and printing up to a million pages a month. From that base we have also developed an ability to do great things with digital printing and fulfill that need locally. Our manuals are sold both wholesale and retail, the wholesale business leading us to the area of most recent growth, parts. We are now offering over 500,000 parts to support the needs of those customers buying manuals, since the need for a parts, service or owner’s manual is usually directly linked to buying parts. We are focusing mainly on an ecommerce solution for retailing the parts and manuals, using the latest technology to sell manuals and parts in support of equipment that is often times more than 50 years old! Everyone here is focused on making this small company perform like a much larger one, and getting our valued customers what they need. There are always new challenges and opportunities, so the days a full and work rewarding. We hope you will come and join us!


Why work at this company:


Small business with a big impact. What you do will matter every day in this merit based work environment! Join our team & make a difference.