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Product Details: Top-quality Vinyl Cut Decals for the The Farmers Friend The Farmers Friend Stacker (each) Engine. Vinyl decals are printed on high performance material which is especially suited for outdoor applications. Our vinyl decals are 'cut out' or 'die cut' and sandwiched between backing paper and application tape. When applied, these 'cut out' decals leave no clear plastic film between the individual letters giving your restoration project the best possible finish.

Part Number: VFF1783

Application Procedure: Peel backing paper from decal. The decal will be stuck to the application paper. Align the decal using the design, not the application paper, and firmly press decal into place. Slowly remove the application paper starting at one corner. DO NOT GET WET!

The Farmers Friend Engine The Farmers Friend Stacker (each) Vinyl Cut Decals (VFF1783)

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