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Product Details: This is a top-quality Mylar Cut Decal for the Stover Stover. Mylar decals are printed on a clear, tough plastic film which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. When applied, Mylar decals have clear film between the letters and around the edges and represent a more economical choice for your restoration project.

Part Number: ST100

Application Procedure: Trim border of design where possible prior to removing white backing paper. Lightly spray the area with window cleaner (do not use window cleaner in aerosol can). Peel white backing paper from decal and place in position. Squeegee window cleaner from under decal beginning in the center and working outward. If air bubbles occur, puncture with pin and smooth down.

Stover Tractor Mylar Cut Decal (ST100)

  • Brand Category: Stover
  • Product Code: ST100
  • $6.00
  • $5.73