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Fits: B371 Engine (L-Head) | B427 Engine (L-Head) | F124 Engine (L-Head) | F140 Engine (L-Head) | F163 Engine (L-Head) | F186 Engine (L-Head) | F209 Engine (L-Head) | F227 Engine (L-Head) | F244 Engine (L-Head) | F245 Engine (L-Head) | G14-S Engine (Combine Continental Engine Only) | L HEAD Engine (Include N56,N62,Y69 | Y91 | Y112 | 124 | F135 | F140 | F162 | F163 | F186 | F209 | F226 | F227 | F244 | F245 | M271 | M290 | M330 | M363 | B371 and B427) | M271 Engine (L-Head) | M290 Engine (L-Head) | M330 Engine (L-Head) | M363 Engine (L-Head) | N56 Engine (L-Head) | N62 Engine (L-Head) | S Engine (Self Propelled) (Combine Continental Engine Only) | Y112 Engine (L-Head) | Y69 Engine (L-Head) | Y91 Engine (L-Head)

This Continental Engines model B427 Engine Service Manual (L-Head) is a digitally enhanced reproduction of the original manufacturer-issued Shop Manual.

It has 92 pages of the best technical information and instruction for your Engine.

Written in the language of a mechanic, it was originally provided to the dealer's service department to provide enough detail for major repairs and complete overhauls.

It shows how to correctly take apart your B427, fix it, and put it back together.

This is an invaluable guide if you are executing or thinking of comprehensive repairs or a full restoration.

Even if you already own an original Service Manual that's in good shape, you will find our value-added content, such as post-publishing updates, corrections, serial number info and additional machine detail extremely useful.

Free pdf preview of the Continental Engines Engine Service Manual (CON-S-LHEAD) (mobile users click here)

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Continental Engines


These are sample pages meant to give you an idea of the contents of your Continental Engines Service Manual. Select the delivery method option above to receive the complete manual in a download, printed version, or for the best value Buy Both.

Note:  The watermark will not appear on the manual that you purchase.

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Continental Engines B427 Engine Service Manual

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