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Start em young!

With the Internet and phones and games these days, the idea of getting kids interested (let alone excited) about agriculture, farming and tractors can seem pretty daunting! 

Pink Tractors

We've noticed a trend lately with Pink Tractors.  

This might have gotten you some looks a generation ago, but we like the trend for a number of reasons: 

Holy Bat Tractor!

We came across this one on the internet today and just had to share it.  Apparently made in the Netherlands, we're not sure if this thing is intended to do field work, or if it is just meant to look awesome.  Either way, we want one!

Tractor Manuals: Reproduction vs. OEM

Tractor manuals are no exception. If you're new to tractor manuals, you may not know the difference between reproduction and Original Equipment Manufacture (or OEM) manuals. OEM manuals were written, created, printed and sold under the name of the manufacturer of the manual. There are some other new, non-OEM manuals from such publishers as Clymer and I&T which don't really fit into either category, but for our purposes today, they fall under OEM

Tractor Parts: Aren't They All The Same?

I'm a pragmatist. I don't drive fancy European cars. My 13-year old station wagon suits me just fine. I don't shop in stores with really nice clothes. Show me a clearance rack at Target and I'm as happy as a kid at toys r us.

Wrenching With Rachel (WWR): Why won't my tractor start?

Holy cow, where have I been?  This series on the Steiner Tractor TV site is great stuff.  Smart, tech savvy, a great mechanic, and beautiful!  Who can deny Rachel is awesome!

Tractor Shop Manuals - Do They Really Exist?

The fact of the matter is that Tractor Shop Manuals are just another phrase for a Tractor Service Manual.


Not sure if the whole world knows it yet, but Jensales now carries the best in engine overhaul kits, both in frame and out of frame.  While going over an order for a Perkins 3A 152 Diesel engine kit I saw the designation as Indirect Injection (Regular)...and I had to go refresh myself on the details of the Indirect Injection!  The average tractor guy (& gal) understands diesels, and fuel injection, but the differences between DI and IDI are significant and if you are an engine geek like me pretty darn interesting!

What Tractor Manual Do I Need (part 1)

This is the question I get asked every single day. Hardest thing about answering that is not coming up with some smart-alecky answer. Like a bad David Letterman impersonation:

Why Do People Love Tractors?

Is it a funny thing, and a great subject for my first blog. Welcome aboard everyone, my name is Otto and I am your cruise director for this journey down tractor way. I work for a great little company in Manchester, MN, called Jensales. We maintain the world’s largest and best library of technical manuals for tractors, industrial equipment, and implements. From that library we print high quality reproductions to help keep the tractor lovers of the world happy.

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