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Rachel knows Decals! And Jensales has the best in Decals!

I have said it before, Rachel is the real deal.  She knows tractors and can explain how to fix them and make them better.  Now she is out there showing you how to apply decals like a pro!  And you notice she refers to an original manual as a resource on proper placement, you just can't go wrong getting a good manual!!

Drive Your Tractor To School

Just a few miles down the road from the Jensales HQ ten proud students showed up driving tractors to “tractor day” at the Alden-Conger School on Tuesday.  They were featured in the fine local paper, the Alden Advance.

Pony Motors, Old Diesels, and Preppers!

Here is a riddle: what do pony motors, old diesels, and preppers have in common? A friend sent me a link to a video the other day that had reminded him of the old Cat D4 I had a while back. No fancy start button on that machine! The video was of a guy starting an old Cat D2 with a rope:

Tractor Seats, when you have to sit down on the job...

Farmers do sit down on the job occasionally...when they are driving their tractors!  That said, is there anything better than a new seat to rejuvenate your hard-working bones?   This is what grandpa used:

pdf Tractor Manuals! Sometimes the virtual manual is what you need!

Most everyone I know likes a good old fashioned hard copy manual when working on a tractor.  Nice place to keep notes, dog ear pages you know you will need again, stuff like that.  Jensales manuals have features that make them even better, like a comb binding that allows the manual to lay flat on you bench for one.  We have printed and sold tens of thousands of manuals over the years, and we are proud to help out the good folks keeping their equipment running.

Great Old Tractors: Ford 2N, 8N, 9N

Ok, the old N series Ford tractors are some of the coolest ever made.  Whether you are a Ford fan or not, they are, just admit it.  And they are often mutated and modified into unrecognizable states.  You may also know I think Rachel Gingell is an up and coming star of the tractor world, check her out.

Case Eagle Hitch, do you have one?

We often have folks asking us about the Case eagle hitch, and when making sure we are getting the tractor lover the manual they need we often ask the classic Case tractor owner if they have an eagle hitch.

PTO Clutch Repair, great stuff for a winter project!

Great Stuff!  Tyler Buchheit, also known as Tyler the Plow Guy ( http://www.mrbtractors.com/about_us ), is the guy you wish lived next door so you could always ask him for help when you get stuck.  Super winter project, get that PTO clutch back to smooth like new operation.

Red Power Roundup 2015!! Sedalia MO fairgrounds

If you are anywhere near Sedalia MO I highly recommend stopping by the Red Power Roundup!!  This year they are featuring the grey versions of the Red Tractors (pre '39 tractors), but there will be a huge array of great old steel.

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