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Pony Motors, Old Diesels, and Preppers!

Here is a riddle: what do pony motors, old diesels, and preppers have in common? A friend sent me a link to a video the other day that had reminded him of the old Cat D4 I had a while back. No fancy start button on that machine! The video was of a guy starting an old Cat D2 with a rope:

Pretty cool, huh? Good batteries and 24 volt starters did not exist in the good ol’ days, you had to crank up the little engine (Pony Motor) to start the big engine! If you ever get a chance I recommend watching the process. Still makes me smile every time I see a guy rev up and engage the pony motor to light off a big diesel. Here is another look at one on a bigger D8: 

D8 Pony Motor

That same friend who sent me the link is a little goofy, he is an airline pilot and one of those “Preppers” that think zombies or a giant EMP are going to send us back to the dark ages…and now he is looking for an old crawler he can put a belt pulley on to have at his secret survival site. And of course he wants one with an old fashioned pony motor starting system. While they are a cool bit of history, I am thankful I don’t have to rely on one. But like I said, this guy is a little goofy… 


I have, however, gotten an idea for this guy’s next birthday. We have manuals for those old pony motors and diesel crawlers!! Like this one for the Cat 35: (click the pic)

cat 35 manuals

If you have or know of someone with a pony motor for starting, we are one of the few places that has what they need!  Can’t help with the zombies or EMP, though…



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