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pdf Tractor Manuals! Sometimes the virtual manual is what you need!

Most everyone I know likes a good old fashioned hard copy manual when working on a tractor.  Nice place to keep notes, dog ear pages you know you will need again, stuff like that.  Jensales manuals have features that make them even better, like a comb binding that allows the manual to lay flat on you bench for one.  We have printed and sold tens of thousands of manuals over the years, and we are proud to help out the good folks keeping their equipment running.

But, sometimes those good folks are in Australia!!  

Billy and Johnny just chatted with a fine gentleman from down under and it turns out the pdf version of the Fordson manual he needed was the best choice by far.  Here is how it goes, and I think they did a good job of helping this guy out:

Chat Transcript with Visitor 58844313

  • *** Visitor 58844313 joined the chat ***
  • Billy: Hi, this is Billy from Jensales. Any questions I can help with?
  • Visitor 58844313: How much to buy & ship to Australia
  • Visitor 58844313: Ford Fordson Tractor Service Manual (1917-1928)
  • *** Johnny joined the chat ***
  • Johnny: Hello there. Let me check on that for you.
  • Visitor 58844313: Yes that's the one
  • Johnny: Would you be interested in the downloadable PDF version? It will save you 20% and a TON on shipping.
  • Visitor 58844313: Could you give me both prices please
  • Johnny: Well with the download, there is no shipping costs, and you can get it in about an hour, it'll cost $20.79, I will have to run up front and check what the shipping will be on the hard copy. Where is it going to in Australia?
  • Visitor 58844313: Hastings Victoria 3915
  • Johnny: One moment. Going to run up front.
  • Johnny: it would be $23.50 to ship it to australia.
  • Johnny: So you would be looking around $50 shipped.
  • Visitor 58844313: Is that $23.50 shipping cost + the $25.99 for the book
  • Johnny: Correct.
  • Visitor 58844313: Ok I will get the download version
  • Johnny: I think that would be the best choice for you.
  • Visitor 58844313: Thanks for all your help. I will order now online
  • Johnny: No problem, any other questions, or difficulty, just let me know.
  • Visitor 58844313: Thanks

*** Visitor 58844313 left the chat ***

How about that!?  Pretty slick, huh?  We saved him $23.50 in shipping and now with little delay he has the manuals he needs.  Only wish we could pdf the parts for his tractor...ha!  Soon those 3D printers will be doing that for us too.  For those a little closer, we do have a substantial array of parts to help you keep your Fordson running, check out these catalogs and give us a call or email:    

Fordson Parts Catalog

Tractor Parts Catalog Resource page

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