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Case Eagle Hitch, do you have one?

We often have folks asking us about the Case eagle hitch, and when making sure we are getting the tractor lover the manual they need we often ask the classic Case tractor owner if they have an eagle hitch.

So, what is an eagle hitch? 

The "Eagle Hitch" was a take-off of Case’s "Eagle" emblem. The ends of the lift arms had inverted "eagle claws" instead of swivel balls, similar to a 3pt hitch but the lower arms had no lateral movement and attached to the implement w/ hooks similar to a quick hitch attachment. One peculiar trait is the lift arms were rigid and only allowed movement up and down, no side to side motion. The lift arms do not swing because during the time frame of the Case "Eagle Hitch", as well as the AC, JD & IH versions of a 3-point system, Henry Ford & Harry Ferguson owned the patent rights to the design which has now evolved to the system as we know it today.

There were mechanical lift versions used on the early SC & DC models to lift the cultivator attachment...it is not an eagle hitch. It was used until Case introduced hydraulics to these models (about l950-51). After that, these models (and subsequent models) were equipped w/ Eagle Hitch. In the early '60s, Case began making a regular 3 pt available and the Eagle Hitch was eventually discontinued in 1964/65.

Many wonder how you can plow (or any 3-point implement) could be pulled in a curve without the swinging draft arms... Case plows have a pivot pin built into the hitch to permit turning, to a limited degree.

These Case tractors often came with an Eagle Hitch, but they have been retrofit to other models so this list is not exclusive:





300, 300B


400, 400B

430 (prior to serial # 8262800)


530 (prior to serial # 8262800)




730 (prior to serial # 8253500)


830 (prior to serial # 8253500)

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