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Camshaft Kit | LG70228

Includes: Camshaft and Tappets

**(Order a Quantity of 1 for complete engine application)**


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Caterpillar (3024 Industrial/Power Unit, 3024 Machine Engine, 304.5 Excavator, 902 Wheel Loader) | Clark (C500Y110 Forklift, C500Y120 Forklift, C500Y130 Forklift, C500Y135 Forklift, C500Y150 Forklift, C500Y155 Forklift, CTD20 Tug, CTD30 Tug, CTD40 Tug, CTD50 Tug, IT50 Forklift, IT60 Forklift, IT70 Forklift, IT80 Forklift) | Hyster (H100E Forklift, H100XL Forklift, H110E Forklift, H110XL Forklift, H60E Forklift, H60XL Forklift, H70E Forklift, H70XL Forklift, H80E Forklift, H80XL Forklift, H90XL Forklift) | John Deere (1270D Logging Equipment, 1470D Logging Equipment, 1710D Logging Equipment, 330CLC Excavator, 3554 Logging Equipment, 370C Excavator, 560D Logging Equipment, 560DG Logging Equipment, 6081HF070 Powertech Industrial/Power Unit, 608B Logging Equipment, 608L Logging Equipment, 608S Logging Equipment, 644H Wheel Loader, 644J Wheel Loader, 703G Logging Equipment, 724J Wheel Loader, 748G-III Logging Equipment, 753G Logging Equipment, 753GL Logging Equipment, 759G Logging Equipment, 770D Grader, 7710 Tractor, 772D Grader, 7810 Tractor, 7820 Tractor, 7920 Tractor, 8120 Tractor, 8120T Tractor, 8220 Tractor, 8220T Tractor, 8320 Tractor, 8320T Tractor, 850 Logging Equipment, 850J Crawler/Crawler Loader, 853G Logging Equipment, 870D Grader, 872D Grader, 900 Logging Equipment, 903G Logging Equipment, 950 Logging Equipment, 953G Logging Equipment, 9640 Combine, 250D Dump Truck, 300D Dump Truck, 6081AF Powertech Industrial/Power Unit, 6081AFM01 Powertech Industrial/Power Unit, 6081HF Powertech Industrial/Power Unit, 6610 Forage Harvester, 6650 Forage Harvester, 8410 Tractor, 8410T Tractor, 9610 Combine, 9650 Combine, 9650CTS Combine, 9650STS Combine, 9750STS Combine, 9976 Cotton Picker/Stripper, 9986 Cotton Picker/Stripper, CTS II Combine, 330LC Excavator, 330LCR Excavator, 370 Excavator, 530B Logging Equipment, 535 Logging Equipment, 6081TF Powertech Industrial/Power Unit, 644G Wheel Loader, 660D Logging Equipment, 740G Logging Equipment, 748G Logging Equipment, 748G-II Logging Equipment, 762B-II Scraper, 770C Grader, 770C-II Grader, 770CH Grader, 770CH-II Grader, 772CH Grader, 772CH-II Grader, 8100 Tractor, 8100T Tractor, 8110 Tractor, 8110T Tractor, 8200 Tractor, 8200T Tractor, 8210 Tractor, 8210T Tractor, 8300 Tractor, 8300T Tractor, 8310 Tractor, 8310T Tractor, 8400 Tractor, 8400T Tractor, 848G Logging Equipment, 850C Crawler/Crawler Loader, 850C-II Crawler/Crawler Loader, 9100 Tractor, 9510 Combine, 9550 Combine, 9550SH Combine, 9970 Cotton Picker/Stripper, 6076 Industrial/Power Unit, 7700 Tractor, 770B Grader, 770BH Grader, 772B Grader, 772BH Grader, 7800 Tractor, 792DLC Excavator, 8570 Tractor, 892ELC Excavator, 9500 Combine, 9600 Combine, 9960 Cotton Picker/Stripper, 9965 Cotton Picker/Stripper, CTS Combine, 6076AFN Industrial/Power Unit, 8560 Tractor, 8570 Tractor) | | Caterpillar (T100D Forklift, T125D Forklift, T150D Forklift, T50D Forklift, T60D Forklift, T70D Forklift, T80D Forklift, V80D Forklift, V80E Forklift, V80F Forklift, V90E Forklift, VC60C Forklift)

Reliance Power Parts #  RP979519

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Perkins Engines (Diesel) Camshaft Kit | LG70228 (4.236, C4.236, 4.248, A4.248, 4.248.2)

  • Brand: Perkins
  • Product Code: RP979519{979519}
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $207.68
  • $198.33

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