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Intake Valve, Chrome Stem (1.535 Head Diameter / 4.505 OAL / 35 Degree)

**(Order a Quantity of 3 (3 Cylinder) or 4 (4 Cylinder) for complete engine application)**


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Allis Chalmers (706 Forklift, ACP40 Forklift, ACP50 Forklift, ACP60C Forklift) | Case (400 Non-Super Tractor, 420 Tractor, 425 Tractor, 600 Tractor, 900 Tractor, 680CK Backhoe/Backhoe Loader, 730 Tractor, 740 Tractor, 800 Combine, 700 Tractor, 800 Tractor, W9 Wheel Loader, 930 Tractor, W10B Wheel Loader, W10C Wheel Loader, W8B Wheel Loader, W8C Wheel Loader, W9B Wheel Loader, W9C Wheel Loader) | Caterpillar (T40C Forklift, V30C Forklift, V35C Forklift, V40C Forklift, V40D Forklift, V40DSA Forklift, V40E Forklift, V45C Forklift, V50C Forklift, V50D Forklift, V50DSA Forklift, V50E Forklift, V55C Forklift, VC60C Forklift, VC60D Forklift, VC60DSA Forklift, VC60E Forklift) | Clark (C500H60 Forklift, C500H70 Forklift, C500H80 Forklift, C500Y40 Forklift, C500Y45 Forklift, C500Y50 Forklift, C500Y55 Forklift, C500YS60 Forklift, C60B Forklift, C70B Forklift, C80B Forklift, CY40 Forklift, CY50 Forklift, CY60 Forklift) | Hyster (H25XL Forklift, H30F Forklift, H30H Forklift, H30XL Forklift, H35XL Forklift, H40F Forklift, H40H Forklift, H40J Forklift, H40XL Forklift, H45XL Forklift, H50F Forklift, H50H Forklift, H50J Forklift, H50XL Forklift, H55XL Forklift, H60C Forklift, H60E Forklift, H60F Forklift, H60H Forklift, H60JS Forklift, H60XL Forklift, H70C Forklift, H70E Forklift, H80C Forklift, H80E Forklift, H90C Forklift, S25XL Forklift, S30XL Forklift, S35XL Forklift, S40XL Forklift, S45XL Forklift, S50XL Forklift, S55XL Forklift, S60XL Forklift) | New Holland (L779 Skid Loader, L783 Skid Loader, L785 Skid Loader) | Other Equipment (4.203.2 Industrial/Power Unit) | Yale (2-3T Forklift) | | International (151 Combine, 151 Hillside Combine, 181 Combine, 214 Cotton Picker/Stripper, 214A Cotton Picker/Stripper, 220 Cotton Picker/Stripper, 220A Cotton Picker/Stripper, 403 Combine, 414 Cotton Picker/Stripper, 420 Cotton Picker/Stripper, 560 Tractor, 615 Combine, 660 Tractor, TD6-62 Crawler/Crawler Loader, TD9-92 Crawler/Crawler Loader, TD9B Crawler/Crawler Loader)

Reliance Power Parts #  M31431981

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Perkins Engines (Diesel) Intake Valve, Chrome Stem (1.535 Head Diameter / 4.505 OAL / 35 Degree) (3.152.4, T3.152.4, AD4.203, 4.203.2)

  • Brand: Perkins
  • Product Code: M31431981{471184}
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $5.99
  • $5.72

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