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Exactly What Your Farmall F20 Needs!

We hope this free Farmall tractor information is exactly what you need for your F20. Sometimes all you need is a quick reference for capacities, horsepower, paint codes, etc.

For more in-depth information on repairing, restoring or maintaining your Farmall, you may need a Service, Parts and/or Operator's Manual as well. Learn more about Manuals and Kits.

We offer the world's finest Farmall F20 manuals as well as high quality Farmall parts. Let Jensales help you keep your F20 in tip-top shape!

Serial Numbers

Serial Number Information for Farmall F-20

Serial Number: Year Made: Plate Location:
501 1932 n/a
1251 1933 n/a
3001 1934 n/a
6382 1935 n/a
32716 1936 n/a
68749 1937 n/a
105597 1938 n/a
130685 1939 n/a
135700 1940 n/a


Specifications for Farmall F-20

Make: International Harvester Model: F-20 Years Made: 1932 - 1939
Factory: Chicago, Illinois, USARock Island, Illinois, USA Chassis: 4x2 2WD Wheelbase: n/a
Front tire: 25x4 Rear tire: 40x6 Weight: 4,400 lbs [1995 kg]
Length: 140 inches [355 cm] Width: 87 inches [220 cm] Height: n/a
Elec. Grounding: n/a Elec. Charging Amps: n/a Elec. Volts: n/a
Hitch Rear Type: n/a Hitch Rear Lift: n/a Fuel Capacity: 13 gal [49.2 L]
Hydraulics Type: n/a Hydraulics Capacity: n/a Hydraulics Pressure: n/a
Hydraulics Valves: n/a Hydraulics Total Flow: n/a Hydraulics Valve Flow: n/a
Steering: n/a Brakes: n/a New Price: $1000 (1936)


Powertrain for Farmall F-20

Engine type: International Harvester vertical I-head Cylinders: 4 Displacement: 220.9 ci [3.6 L]
Bore/Stroke: 3.75x5.00 inches [95 x 127 mm] Compression: n/a RPM: 1200
Gross Power: n/a Torque: n/a Torque RPM: n/a
Net Power: n/a PTO: n/a Drawbar: n/a
Rear PTO: n/a Rear RPM: 540 Clutch: n/a
Cooling: liquid Coolant: 40 qts [37.9 L] (early)29 qts [27.4 L] (later) Air Cleaner Type: n/a
Oil Capacity: n/a Oil Change: n/a Fuel: distillate
Transmission Type: n/a Gears: 4 forward and 1 reverse

Paint Codes

Sorry, no paint information available for Farmall F-20

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Which Manual Do I Need?

Not sure if you need a Service(SVC), Parts(PTS), or an Operator's(OPT) manual?
This handy guide will explain how our manuals are laid out and categorized.

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